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Discover the world of MyStable!

Our game gives any player the ability to join for free and get the chance of owning their very own virtual horses in their own Equine Stable! 
We have thousands of players, and hundreds of different horse breeds giving you the freedom of owning your dream horse on one of the best equine game online. 
You can even go out into the wild and capture a frisky wild horse, and beam in the glory of watching it become a champion under your careful eye as its trainer! 

Horse games on a genetic level

What makes it more exciting than other online equine games is the fact that is designed using real life horse genetics
This means that horses colour, height, breed, gender, and abilities will be based on their parents, and real life horses!
You can even create exciting crossbreeds by mixing two different horse breeds together. Image a world where you can cross a Zebra with a horse… just like in real life, you can! 

Every horse has its very own unique abilities making no two horses the same! 

Building your dream

There are no limitations to how many horses you can own, if you run out of space in your stable block you can easily expand it by adding more stalls, or if you choose, you can even expand your horse farm by building another stable block! 
Your horse farm will come with a training area, breeding facilities, an office to manage your account and of course a stable block. 

Care for your horses

Our game gives every player the ability to care for their own virtual horses. These give the ability to shop for items in the virtual marketplace such as grooming kits, and horse feed and then use them on your horses. 
There are lots of items to choose from all of which give different abilities to your horses such as training bonus’ and additional health. 
The better you look after your horse, the better rewards it will give you when training and improved results when your equine is entered into a horse show! 
It’s important to remember to get the vet to check over your horse and make sure it is fit and healthy, as well as booking it into see the blacksmith for new shoes on a regular basis. 
Cleaning out your horses stable is also a important thing to not forget. The healthier and happier your horse is, the better it will perform in shows and training, thus giving you better results and more winnings! 

Stable Employees at your service

Don’t worry if you are going away for a few days, or if you can’t care for your horses for a few days we have this covered. You can hire stable employees to help look after your horses when you don’t have as much time to spare playing our game. 
You can hire feeders, grooms, vet and blacksmith to check on your horses daily and keep them fit and healthy for your return. 

Our Community

We have players from all over the world and are of all ages. We pride ourselves on good player support and a safe enviroment for children and adults alike to play our game. 
We have a safe community forum for our players to use 
We also have a few fansites of our game these include, Fans of MyStable, if you would like to create your own fansite of our game we are always happy to add it to our in game link list. 
We also have a really good help area. If you have a question regarding our game at any point, feel free to check out our in game help section, where we have most of the frequent questions answered, and also a really good mystable new player starter guide, and also a guide to helping players understand how to gift credits to other players guide
If your question is not answered in any of the guides or in the help section then you can go to the help section and ask our dedicated customer support team a question. One of our dedicated team members will answer your question personally and without bias usually between one and fourty eight hours. 
A wonderful and free to play Horse Games

You could own your very own horsey

Compete with your equine in virtual shows

You can own many ponies and horses


Equine Game

Not that enough was enough about here is our list of horse breed you can choose from in

Akhal-Teke, American Baskir Curly, American Cream Draught, American Miniature, American Paint, American Saddlebred, American Quarter, Andalusian, Anglo-Arab, Appaloosa, Arab, Australian Stock, Avelignese, Azteca, Bali Pony, Barb, Basuto Pony, Belgian Draught, Boulonnais, Breton, Brumby, Budenny, Camargue Pony, Canadian, Chincoteague Pony, Cleveland Bay, Clydesdale, Colarado Ranger, Comtois, Connemara, Criollo, Dales Pony, Danish Warmblood, Dartmoor Pony, Dutch Warmblood , Falabella Miniature, Fell Pony, Finnish Draught, Florida Cracker, Friesian, Galiceño Pony, German Warmbloods, Gypsy Vanner, Hackney, Haflinger, Highland Pony, Hanoverian, Hokkaido, Holsteiner, horse games Hucul Pony, Hungarian Warmblood, Icelandic, Irish Draught, Kentucky Mountain Saddle, Kiso, Kladruber, Knabstrup, Konik, Lippizaner, Lusitano, Mangalarga Marchador, Marwari, Missouri Fox Trotting, Morab, Morgan, Mustang, New Forest Pony, Newfoundland Pony, Noma, Norwegian Fjord Horse, Oldenburg, Orlov Trotter, Palomino, Percheron, Peruvian Paso, Pinto, Pony of Americas, Przewalski's, Quarter, Quarter pony, Quarab, Russian Don, Russian Heavy Draught, Russian Trotter, Selle Francais, Shagya Arabian, Shetland Pony, Shire, Spanish-Norman, Spotted Saddle, Standardbred, Suffolk Punch, Swedish Warmblood, Taishu, Tarpan, Tennessee Walking, Tersk, Thoroughbred, Tokara, Trakehner, Unicorn, Waler, Welsh Cob Section D, Welsh Mountain Pony Section A, Welsh Pony Section B, Welsh Pony of Cob Type Section C, Westphalian, Yili, Yonaguni, Zebra, pintaloosa, paint, hanovarian, lipizanner, quarab, arrapaloosa, alti, eriskay, zorse, zebra, criollo, gelderland, English Saddle.

We find all our horse genetics information from the internet and would like to reference the following websites for their useful content. Animal Genetics IncorporatedUltimate equine siteWikipedia and Horse Cources Online.

Actions within horse games in no way depict how a horse should be kept or treated in real life. All horses mentioned are  part of this game only  and  do not relate to any real life horse no matter what similarities may occur. MyStable is an  internet based game and  cannot be played without an active internet connection. There are many websites which give our players help, information and tips on how to play MyStable. We do recomend looking at them, if you can click on this link it will take you to a well known equine resource and help website know as EbonyGraphix. We recomend you also use the site when creating your player page as it is written by a person who has been professionally trained and in most cases all layouts will work on our game, they regulary update and usually their site contains some good hints and tips, they also contain links to other horse breeding games and pony stables.