The safety and security of each and every player of our game is our number 1 priority.

We have many security features in place to help keep children safe while playing our game which stops innapropriate content from being sent to other players.

Parents can even stop their child from sending and recieving messages from other players of the game if they so wish.

Children on MyStable.

Each message, image and forum post sent or uploaded by players of our game goes through a safety filter, this flags up any innapropriate content listed in our vast security database and stops any potential security risk or innapropriate messages from being sent to players of our game.

We also disallow users of our site to send links to other websites or email addresses for player safety. also works closely with a group of interal game moderators, who watch over the game to ensure the safety of our players. Our moderators regularly report any offensive behavior if any and this is dealt with swiftly.

All flagged innapropriate messages then go through a manual inspection done be one of our many diligent members of the MyStable Staff.

If any players are found using innapropriate content, such as bad language, asking for personal information such as email address, telephone number, age or address will be delt with according to the terms and conditions of our game.

Parent Reccomendations

My son plays this game and I have made an account too, hes only 10 so I have enabled the personal block list on his account to make sure that hes not contacted by other players of the game, until hes a little older. Its a great feature and gives me good peice of mind!"

- Thanks Roxanne & Steve (Texas - United States of America)

"My daughter found MyStable through her local pony club. I sat with her for the first few days of playing the game while we checked it out. After looking into the security features and directly contacting the makers of the game I am truly satisfied that my daughter is safe on this game. "

- Sally Moses (Tennessee - United States of America)

"Just a line to say thank you to MyStable, my daughter has been playing the game for over 3years without any problems what so ever. Security on mystable is of high standard and they keep a close eye on the game and forum. It's good to see safety and security taken seriously. I can leave her to play the game in the knowledge that she will be ok."

- Ralph (United Kingdom)

"Our 13-year-old daughter has been happily playing MyStable for the last 7 months. She loves horses and has really enjoyed the challenges posed by the game and also the level of detail. In particular, she likes the way the game keeps evolving and that seems to maintain her interest in playing. Also, it is good to have a computer game which girls can enjoy and the interaction on the internet seems to be purely based on their characters and horses rather than trying to be a social networking site. Although you do have to purchase credits after using up the free ones, she has not spent too much considering the hours of enjoyment she has had. Overall, we are happy she has found a seemingly safe and enjoyable way of spending time on the computer."

- Dave & Karen (Suffolk - United Kingdom)

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